Are you planning an event?

If you are in the New York area, a cruise is a great way to make you event truly memorable. Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience of organising and event on water, we have 30 years’ experience to draw on.

Your first step to put your event on the water is to call us. We know routes around Manhattan, schedules and menus that will work for you and your guests. We have a good reputation for friendly cruises with a high standard of catering. Everyone likes to eat, drink and chat to friends. Add the world renown Manhattan skyline slipping past and you have a winning combination.

New York harbor at sunset


If your trip is in the evening, why not enjoy the Statue of Liberty at sunset. The golden sun sets behind the most iconic of American symbols and the towers of downtown New York bask in golden light. It’s a high point of your event and a genuinely unforgettable experience.

So get in touch. Take advantage of our experience and give your guests the experience of a lifetime.

We’re in the Wall Street Journal

Recently we spent a hot July afternoon with the Wall Street Journal. They wanted to feature Mariner III in an article and we are delighted to see it was published today.

The crew had made sure everything was looking it’s best and our favourite designer, Mitchell Turnbough was on hand to add some finishing touches. The journal’s photographer Dorothy Hong joined us for a cruise up the Hudson River to catch Mariner III in the late afternoon light. Click the link to the Wall Street Journal website and enjoy some of that afternoon with us.

Mariner III dining area


Mariner III salon

Mariner III top deck

Additional photography by Chris Jerrey for Vapour Trail

Cruises from Greenwich, CT


happy cruisers

Greenwich is proving to be a very popular starting point for our cruises.

As a charter yacht, Mariner III is available for any trip you choose, but we are finding that many parties choose to start their trip at Greenwich. The marina is close to the town centre, so access is easy.

We recently ran a cruise for a group of 45 friends and family members who got together to a remember a relative. The trip from Greenwich to Manhattan gave ample time for our guests to reminisce, reflect and catch up with each other. Snacks and drinks were served and the atmosphere was warm and friendly.

We arrived at the Statue of Liberty for a beautiful golden hour. The statue looked magnificent in the golden light and the towers of downtown New York shimmered. It was a magical moment.

As we turned for home, dinner was served and stories were told. Balloons and a lantern were released in memory.

It was a great trip to be involved with and our guests were full of praise for the experience. Days like this are what Mariner III is all about.

RIP Glenn Frey

Sadly, 2016 has begun with the news of the deaths of a number of people in the arts and entertainment world. Glenn Frey joined that list last week.

Captain Sean Kennedy remembered that Mariner III made a brief appearance in a Glenn Frey video back in 1984. So, by way of tribute, enjoy “You Belong To The City”, video filmed in New York City. That’s Mariner III passing through the shot in the first few seconds.

RIP Glenn and thanks for the music.