The Mariner III has a dedicated captain and crew to help make your charter as enjoyable as possible. Captain Sean Kennedy and his experienced marine crew hold safety in the highest regard on the vessel, allowing you to have the full nautical experience in the knowledge that the yacht and it’s passengers are well looked after.


Captain Kennedy has over 30 years of chartering experience, having travelled extensively with the Mariner III to the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico and the East Coast of the US. He holds a 1600 tonne Masters License along with several marine safety qualifications. Having been around boats since a young age he is happy to help with any questions you may have about chartering out the Mariner III.

To aid you in any culinary needs, our chef and dedicated wait staff can provide freshly cooked food with any dietary requirements taken care of, whilst our bar tenders man our fully stocked bars throughout the charters to ensure all guests are satisfied.

Mariner III crew