Mariner III has seen many events onboard and played host to an extraordinary range of guests.

Mariner III’s first event when it was newly certified as a charter vessel was a birthday celebration for actress Brooke Shields. Other charter clients include celebrity musicians Madonna and Peter Frampton have also chartered the boat for events. Harrison Ford chartered the boat to provide floating accommodation off the coast of Belize when he was filming the movie “Mosquito Coast”.

You will have seen Mariner III used as the backdrop for photo shoots for businesses like Victoria’s Secret, Tommy Hilfiger, Bride Magazine, Town & Country, New York Times and many more.

The boat has starred in TV series “Law and Order” and “Revenge”. It has also appeared in the movies “Wall Street” with Michael Douglas and “Wind” with Matthew Modine and Jennifer Grey.

Business customers include JetAvion, Johnson Pevey, Life Magazine, Rockefeller Group, The Library of Congress and Ernst and Young.

But many of our charters are a family business. Weddings, rehearsal dinners, birthday parties, anniversaries, bar mitzvahs and celebrations for all sorts of events. Mariner III is just a great place to celebrate.