5 Reasons a Yacht Charter is the Best Venue for Your Company’s Holiday Party

It’s that time of the year again. The stores are putting out their Halloween decorations which means you need to start thinking about where to host the annual company holiday party. I know, it seems early, but you know if you wait another month, all of the great venues and ideal dates will be snatched up. 

Take Your Company’s Holiday Party to the Next Level

Corporate events are more than just a way to show employees appreciation. A well-executed corporate event can spark creativity, innovation, and productivity within your team. So why not choose an exciting experience or activity that all of your guests can enjoy? Here are 5 ways a Yacht Charter can boost staff morale and break the ice at your next holiday party, awards yacht partyevening or meeting.

1- Escape the bustle of the city without a plane ticket

That feeling that you get when you’re on vacation, it’s a car ride away. Invite your company to a holiday party aboard a luxury yacht overlooking an amazing sunset and skyline views. Give your team that vacation feeling, for a fraction of the cost. Stepping out of the hustle and bustle and onto the water is an experience they will remember for many years to come. So skip the stuffy restaurant this Christmas and whisk your team away to a holiday party that feels like a vacation. 

2- Enjoy the sensational views of  West Palm Beach that you can’t get from the land

Seriously, you haven’t truly seen West Palm Beach until you’ve seen it from the water. Even the Breakers can’t provide the awe-inspiring view of the sunset like a yacht can. Plan an event that is oh-so Palm Beach with an all-new perspective.

3- Gaining perspective can spark creativity and innovation

If your team seems a little lackluster, then a Yacht Party is an excellent catalyst to help them think differently and gain a new interpretation of their every day. Most of us drive past the same buildings from the same angle many times a week. Imagine the perspective you can give your team by showcasing their city in a new light.

4- Improve communication & morale 

holiday party

A Yacht Party is one of the only events where you will see guest put down their phones and truly connect. On a Yacht, you’re present. You’re not thinking about “ducking out early” to go to another party or bar around the corner (and why would you?). You’re enjoying yourself and the people around you. Your team will be having a blast. When they get back to work that Monday, they will communicate better and have a larger imagination because they are working with people they are comfortable with. 

5- Yacht parties are fabulous

Everyone in your company works hard. Reward them! Yacht parties are FABULOUS and with the Mariner 3, you can customize your party any way you like. Short of trust falls from the top deck, we can accommodate all kinds of activities and dining options to create the holiday party of your dreams! 

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Working with Freedom Waters Foundation

Recently we were very happy to provide a cruise for a group of children with severe medical conditions. The event was organised by the Freedom Waters Foundation.

For a full report on the event, see the article in the Sun Sentinel.