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Made in Chelsea, filmed on Mariner III

In the heat of August, the producers of the popular British reality series Made in Chelsea chartered Mariner III to film part of the season finale of Made in Chelsea New York.

We welcomed a production crew and cast of around 70 people. Filming took place on the Hudson with the Freedom Tower as backdrop during the afternoon. As dusk fell we moved south for some sequences in front of the Statue of Liberty, finally filming the night sequences near the Brooklyn Bridge on the East River.

The boat had been rigged with Made in Chelsea’s trademark fairy lights. Once night had fallen, these gave the boat a beautiful glow that looks great in the finished show.

You can see the whole show on YouTube, below. If you are in a hurry, the Mariner III shots start at 33:45. Enjoy!

New York Film Set

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Mariner III film set for Made in Chelsea

Filming  a tense moment with Lucy and Proudlock.

Made in Chelsea NYC set on Mariner III

Spencer opens the champagne.